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What types of plastics do you carry?

We have Plexi-Glass (acrylic) and Lexan (polycarbonate)

What thicknesses are available?
.100” to ½” thick

How do you clean Plexi-Glass?
Do not use ammonia based cleaners.  Water with a mild soap and soft cloth is best for cleaning any type of plastic.

Which is stronger, Plexi-Glass or Lexan?
Lexan is much stronger than Plexi-Glass.  Lexan does scratch easier than Plexi-Glass since it is softer and made to absorb impacts.

Can Lexan be drilled?
Yes, it can.  Lexan has excellent machinability allowing it to be drilled, milled or turned on a lathe.

Can plastics be cut to a pattern?
Yes.  It is best to supply a pattern and we will cut it to the shape.

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Do you repair storm windows?
Yes we do.

Do you replace windows that have once been held in by glazing?
Yes we do.  We will replace the glass and apply a new layer of glazing.

Do you repair screens?
Yes we do.  We can replace the screening material with aluminum (charcoal and natural) or charcoal fiberglass.  We can also replace broken corners and springs clips.

Do you create new storm windows and screens?
Yes we do.  If you have an existing frame you would like to replace it is best to bring it by our shop so we can match up the material.  If you do not have an existing frame, please provide the Height (H), Width (W) and depth (D) of where the frame will fit into the window.

What thickness of mirrors do you offer?
We offer 1/8”, 3/16" and ¼” thick mirrors.

Do you offer different colors of mirror?
Bronze, grey and black mirrors are available but we do not stock various colors.

What type of edging do you offer on mirrors that you cut?
We offer (2) types: a seamed edge and a ground edge.  A seamed edge will only have the outer edges sanded to keep the edges from being sharp.  A ground edge will have all sides of the perimeter of the mirror sanded.

My mirror has patches of black discoloration or the backing appears to be flaking off, can this be fixed?
No, it cannot.  Over time, the silvering will begin to separate from the glass causing the discoloration or uneven reflection

Do you offer full replacement windows?
No, but we do replace the insulated glass unit found in most replacement windows.

What is an insulated unit?
An insulated unit is the glass member in the center of a replacement window sash.  It is comprised of (2) panes, sometimes (3), of glass and a spacer in the center.

My house window is foggy, what happened?
Over a period of time, the outer seal of the insulated unit begins to break down and outside air leaks into the sealed insulated unit.  Since the outside air is not pure and contains moisture, over time it will condense onto the glass causing it to stain.  It will continue to get worse if the unit is not replaced.

Only (1) pane of glass is broken in my insulated unit; can only the single pane be replaced?
No, it cannot.  Due to it being a sealed unit from the factory we cannot replace only one pane of glass.

How much does it cost for an insulated unit?
It varies greatly and depends on the height (H) x width (W), special shape, grid work and Low-E coating.  Please contact us for an estimate.

What is Low-E?
Low-E is a coating applied to the inside of the glass to protect the home’s interior from ultraviolet rays (UV).  It also helps to reduce fading of furniture and carpeting and may help to control the room's temperature.

Is a deposit required?
Yes, a
50% deposit is required for all insulated units since each one is a custom order.

Do you have the balancers or counterweights for my house window?
Yes we do, but we would need to match up the existing balancer to order it correctly.

What types of auto glass do you service? 
We offer replacements on windshields, door glass, vent windows, rear windows, side windows and side view mirrors.

We do not install or replace sunroofs, moonroofs or repair convertibles.

Do you offer mobile service?
In most cases we do.  However, we limit the distance up to a 20 mile radius and need to consider current weather conditions if the work is to be performed outdoors.

Stone chip repairs are done at our facility but are becoming very limited due to PA state inspection requirements.

How long does it take to replace a windshield?
It varies based on the type of vehicle.  But you should expect that the vehicle must not be driven for 3 to 4 hours.

Can the vehicle be driven after glass has been replaced?
Yes, but the amount of time after installation will vary for the type of glass and vehicle.  Our team will discuss this with you at the time of scheduling an appointment.

Do you replace side view mirrors?
Yes we do.  We can only replace the glass and not the back plate or mirror “head” that the glass sits into.

We do not replace mirrors that have built-in turn signals, blind spot notification or perimeter sensors.

Do you repair powered window mechanisms?
Yes we do.  It is best to bring the vehicle by the shop so a representative can diagnose the problem.

Is auto glass covered under insurance?

Yes it is.  Auto glass replacement is covered under your comprehensive insurance.  We recommend that you contact your insurance company to find out your deductible to help determine whether or not it is more cost effective to create an insurance claim or pay out-of-pocket.

If I choose to create a new claim, am I able to choose any glass repair facility?
Yes!  It is your right as a policy holder to choose the glass repair facility.  If you prefer that H&M Ebling Glass do the repair, be sure to mention us when you place the insurance claim.

Do you offer a guarantee for auto glass replacements?
Yes.  Our guarantee will cover the installation or the work performed on the vehicle up to one (1) year.  If the glass installed is found to be faulty we will contact the supplier and provide a replacement.  The cost, if applicable, will be determined on a case by case basis.

Are you able to remove scratches, “rub marks” or wiper marks from a windshield or rear window?
No, we do not offer this service.

How large of a stone chip can be repaired?
Stone chip repairs are becoming very limited due to the new state inspection guidelines. Typically, we can do stone chips up to the size of a nickel.  Small cracks that are around the perimeter of the stone chip, less than 1/2” in length, can also be repaired.  However, longer cracks are not repairable.  After a repair is made there will be a slight outline or mark left where the stone chip was. Stone chip repairs are done at your own risk.  This means that the during the process of the repair, if the stone chip spreads or cracks making the windshield non-repairable we are not responsible for replacing the windshield at no cost or a reduced price.

Surface nicks or a “sand blasted” appearance cannot be repaired.

Can a stone chip be filled in multiple times?
No, it cannot.  If a stone chip was attempted to be repaired using an off-the-shelf kit we are unable to attempt a second repair on it

Are stone chip repairs guaranteed?
While we do as much as possible to stop the stone chip from spreading, we cannot guarantee that the stone chip will not spread due to vibration while driving or large outdoor temperature swings (i.e. using the car defroster with snow or ice on the windshield).

Are there other alternatives for stone chip repair?
The only other option is to do a full replacement of your windshield.

Are windshields available for classic automobiles?

Yes!  Our supplier network may have  the windshield or auto glass required for your classic.  Please contact us to determine if it is available.

What are your hours?
We are open Monday to Friday from 7AM to 4:30 PM.  Saturday from 7AM till 11 AM.

Do you offer emergency service?
Yes, but it's very limited to the situation.  Our response time and services offered vary based on the situation.  Please contact us at (570) 385-3349.  A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, local personal and business checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover).  We do not accept American Express or Comp Checks

**** For credit & debit card transactions, a minimum of a $30 charge is required ****

Where is your shop located?
At 1819 Sweet Arrow Lake Road, a ½ mile west of Cressona, PA behind R&J Bus Transportation.  Please refer to the Contact Us page for directions provided by Google Maps.

What is your e-mail address?

Do you have a fax number?
Yes.  It is (570) 385-4504

Do you do stained glass repairs?
No, we do not offer this service.

Do you tint windows, residential or auto glass?
No, we do not offer this service.

Do you take used glass? Or can I bring it to you to discard?
No, we do not take used glass. To discard used glass, we recommend to contact your local recycling center or landfill.

Can you cut down a piece of glass that I bring into your shop?
We will only cut down glass that is annealed (not tempered) and has been purchased from our business in the past. Cutting down of your glass is done at your own risk. This means that while we will make every attempt not to break the piece of glass, we cannot guarantee that all of the cuts performed will break as expected.

Are deposits required?
Yes, for custom ordered items a
50% deposit is required.  Such items may include table tops, insulated units, window frames and mirrors.

What is tempered, annealed and safety glass?
Tempered glass has been fired and will shatter into “a million pieces”.  Auto door glasses and some residential doors and windows are tempered.

Annealed glass has not been fired and will crack or spall when damaged.  Annealed glass is found in table tops, storm windows, mirrors and some store fronts.

Safety glass is also known as laminated glass.  A sheet of plastic is sandwiched between two layers of glass.  When damaged, the glass will shatter but not fall apart as tempered glass does.  A vehicle’s windshield is made out of safety glass.

Do you install shower enclosures?
Yes, we only install the glass and doors, not the tiling or the base/tub.  The bathroom needs to be outfitted with a base and tiling (if applicable) prior to the installation of a shower enclosure.

**** We do not install shower units or glass panels that were purchased elsewhere (home centers, online, etc.) ****

What brands do you carry?
We carry the HMI Glass (formerly Cardinal) brand and here is the link to their website:
HMI - Glass

Do you have a showroom?

No, not at this time.

Are the shower enclosures framed?
We offer both styles: framed and frameless

How thick are the frameless systems?
Frameless systems can go up to ½” thick glass but we recommend 3/8” thick.  The difference of weight and price for ½” thick glass does not lend itself to being as cost effective as 3/8” thick glass does.

Can frameless systems be installed in any bathroom?
Due to the weight of a frameless system it is highly recommended that the door mounts to studs in the wall and not on a wall with only drywall backing.
Also, there should be adequate floor joist under the area of the shower.

Is patterned glass available?
Yes.  Please contact us for details.

What metal finishes are available?
It varies by vendor and model.  Please contact us with the style you are interested in and we can better provide the available metal finishes.

Are towel bars available?
Yes, but only thru-bolted through the glass (for frameless) or attached to the frame.  We do not offer towel bars that can be mounted to the wall.

What is offered that can resist water spots?
For frameless showers a product called
Showerguard may be applied to the glass during manufacturing. 

For all other shower designs provided by HMI Glass, HMI C-10 may be applied to the glass during manufacturing.

Both coatings may resist water spots and staining.

***  If your home has hard water or uses city water, it is important that the glass be wiped down or squeegeed after each use to extend the life of the coating ***