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Glass Claim Centers

If you need to have a piece of auto glass replaced, it might be more cost effective to file a insurance claim. Auto glass replacement is covered under your comprehensive insurance.  We recommend that you contact your insurance company to find out your deductible to help determine whether or not it is more cost effective to create an insurance claim or pay out-of-pocket. A few of the well known national companies are shown below. 

Stone chips or nicks can be repaired but there are limitations.  Below is a diagram showing some of the more common types of stone chips that can be repaired.  A rule of thumb is if a stone chip is less than the size of a quarter or less than 1" in overall length, then it can be repaired.

Stone Chips

At H&M Ebling Glass we handle all types of auto glass from domestic to foreign, from cars to tractor trailers and heavy industrial equipment.

The following diagram will help with identifying the correct piece of glass that you need to have replaced.  Please keep in mind that all car styles vary and the design and quantity of pieces of glass will also vary.

***  Please note that then we quote a price for replacing your auto glass it also includes labor, disposal of the broken glass and mobile service.  We do not charge extra for these services. ***

Below is a list of glass claim centers that we have used in the past.  If you are unsure of the claim center to use, please contact your local insurance agent and they will assist you.

Mutual Benefit(800) 432-0316


National Grange(877) 425-2467
Nationwide(800) 890-1375
Net Cost(866) 296-5933
Ohio Casualty(800) 366-6446
Peerless(800) 522-7152
Penn-National(800) 330-3038
Premier(866) 878-4527
Progressive(800) 287-5078
Prudential(800) 682-8722
Royal Sun(800) 847-6925
SafeCo(800) 332-3226
Safelite(800) 392-7500
Selective(800) 638-8961
St. Paul(800) 842-0709
State Auto(888) 504-4527
State Farm(888) 624-4410
Travelers(866) 878-4527
West American(800) 366-6446
West Field(800) 810-3665

H&M Ebling Glass Shop

Please don't hesitate to call if you aren't sure what you exactly need.  We are here to assist you and will guide you through the process.  Sometimes having your insurance card on hand with the VIN # will allow us to assist you better.

Due to the wide variety of options on vehicles today, here are a few general questions you may be asked when you call for a estimate:

  • What do you need replaced?
  • What is the year, make and model, is it a sedan or hatchback?
  • Are there any special features such as a rain sensor, humidity sensor, is it heated, do you have a mirror with a compass/temperature, lane departure warning system, etc?
  • Would you prefer in-shop or mobile service (within our service area)?
  • Are you planning to file a insurance claim or pay out-of-pocket?

*** Please note that if a stone chip has been attempted to be repaired using an off-the-shelf product, we are unable to repair the stone chip  ***

Insurance Claims

Here you will find some more information on auto glass and the services we provide.


21st Century
(888) 244-6163


(866) 815-7696
AIG - Client Private(888) 760-9195
AIG - Lynx(800) 672-9569
Allstate(800) 626-4527
American Family(800) 692-6326
Bristol West(800) 274-7865
Donegal(800) 877-0600
Encompass(800) 923-4422
Erie(800) 522-3743
Farmers(800) 435-7764
Federated(800) 929-4956
Geico(800) 510-2291
Hanover(800) 600-4527
Harleysville(877) 612-6185
Harmon(800) 268-2009
Hartford(800) 892-8484
Horseman(888) 321-9391
Kemper(800) 736-0472
Liberty Mutual(800) 567-5568
Met Life(800) 854-6011
MFST - America(877) 425-2467